COMPLAINT: Garbage in East New York NYCHA Property Unacceptable Going Into 2018

Below is a complaint from an East New York resident regarding the garbage situation.

We are going into 2018, this is not the 60’s. For us to allow #NYCHAor the #SanitationDept to do this continuously in public housing where the population is predominantly Black and Hispanic is crazy!! We are at a point where we can clean this &^*% up ourselves! It isn’t a black or white issue, the maintenance workers are black, so are the sanitation workers, and you know what…so are the people who made the garbage. This is a matter of how we see ourselves, clean up, we deserve better! We don’t have to wait on anyone to do it! This isn’t “them” doing it to us, this is us. #Brooklyn #trash and so we don’t believe that it’s on NYCHA, I’ve added 2 more pics from this morning(Friday) from across the boulevard. Yes that’s a damn recliner!! #eny

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