Brooklyn’s Kota the Friend the Only Indie Artist On US Women’s National Soccer Team Playlist on Spotify, Which Includes Drake and Beyonce

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SELF Magazine curated a playlist of songs listened to by the US Women’s National Soccer Team. They used input from the players themselves to curate this special Playlist on Spotify. The playlist includes ‘Barcelona’, a song by Brooklyn’s Kota the Friend, who is the only independent artist on the list, which includes songs by Drake, Beyonce, Bad Bunny, Amigos, Lil Wayne, Lil Baby and more. The World Cup Spotify Playlist is below.

“I think there’s a beauty in music,” Crystal Dunn, defender for the US Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT), tells SELF. “It’s similar to sports, where it’s like you just come alive when you are near it and you feel it.”

Research supports these energizing effects, confirming listening to music can enhance physical performance and make exercise feel easier—while also simply boosting your well-being.

Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that as the USWNT attempts to defend their title at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, they’re leaning on the power of music to stoke them into competition mode. Recently, SELF chatted with a number of the players to learn what specific tunes they’re blasting for inspiration before they take the field.

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