Brooklyn JCPenney Has Grand Opening in 2018 and Grand Closing in 2020

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JCPenney has been restructuring under Chapter 11 bankruptcy since May 15, and is now permanently closing its Kings Plaza location in Brooklyn. The store opened in 2018 to much fanfare but the retailer has struggled since the opening and the COVID-19 pandemic pushed it to the brink.

JC Penney is also closing its flagship NYC store in Manhattan.

The Kings Plaza store is currently open to the public but will permanently close on Sept. 27, 2020. The Kings Plaza location will likely begin its liquidation sale next week.

JCPenney will still have a presence in NYC in Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens and at the Brooklyn Gateway mall. It is not clear if these stores will close at some point in the near future, but we will keep you updated.


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