Bestselling Author, Pervis Taylor III, Aims to Help Men Transform Pain into Power with his New Book Titled ‘Surthrival Mode’

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Today it was announced that award-winning celebrity life coach, speaker, and bestselling author of Pervis Principles Volumes 1 & 2, Pervis Taylor III, has expanded his written works with his new book titled ‘Surthrival Mode’. The publication is described as a how-to-guide for men to navigate through their emotions and trauma using the 4A’s of Surthrival Mode (Acknowledgement, Acceptance, Articulation and Alchemy). The book aims to bridge the gap between just surviving and getting by in life to ultimately thriving within male-centric emotions, mental health and relationships.


“I wrote this book because I realized that it’s time for men to start thriving in their emotional lives”, proclaimed Pervis, who has a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University. “Moreover, seeing that seven out of ten suicides are committed by men said to me it’s time we address the proverbial elephant in the room. It’s been said that men scream at a frequency that only they can hear, and it’s time for those internal screams to be brought out to the light where it can be healed. Thriving is the only way to heal.”


Steeped in power, intimacy and vulnerability, Surthrival Mode explores Pervis’ personal narrative of abuse, depression and low self-esteem. Pervis also illustrates an easy to follow guide for how he used the 4A’s of Surthival Mode to transmute his life story. Readers will be left with actionable steps and tools to apply as they embark on their journey to Surthrive.


Surthrival Mode has already gotten a stamp of approval from critically acclaimed psychologist Jeffrey Gardere, Ph.D., ABPP who stated, “Pervis has brilliantly created a series of self-empowerment strategies that give men permission to drop the guise of always appearing all powerful and impervious to emotional hurt, and thus never evolving. Instead, it encourages them to embrace adversity, sorrow, fear, or any other emotion which challenges the stereotypical concept of what it means to be a man. Pervis’ ‘sur-thrival’ techniques clearly and easily teach 21st century men how to turn pain into power and truly become emotionally healthy!”


When asked about the book’s dedication, Mr. Taylor replied, “Surthrival Mode is dedicated to any man that has struggled emotionally. I think about my own journey and how I suffered in silence for many years. Was riddled with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. It was moments that I didn’t think I was gonna make it. In coaching for many years, I’ve come to discover that I wasn’t alone and that many men have felt what I’ve felt.”

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