An East New York Story: Lefty’s Hand Rolled Cigars Founded in ENY in 1910 Still Servicing Brooklyn Through Their Humidor on Wheels

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The idea of Lefty’s Cigars began in 1910 on Hinsdale Street in the Brownsville-East New York section of Brooklyn when the original Lefty was born. Fast forward to the late 1970’s when the current proprietor would walk with his grandfather to the local cigar shop everyday to buy his two Te-Amo Presidentes. It was during these walks that his love for cigars was born.

In 1997, a year after the original Lefty’s passing and in paying homage to his memory, the current owner created the first Cigar Humidor Vending machine. After a year of success, New York as well as many other states banned smoking at restaurants and drinking establishments and they were out of business. But Lefty promised the Cigar world he would be back! In 2007 their first Humidor on Wheels was born. A 1959 Pre-Castro Chevy Panel Truck was fitted with a fine Spanish Cedar lining, the best humidification system that money could buy and custom painted with the Lefty’s logo. They have since expanded the fleet and currently service cigar enthusiasts in the tri-state area with passion, quality, and reliability 365 days a year.

Lefty’s, still in business after all these years, is partnering with Vesuvio Restaurant, a staple in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, since 1953, and Widow Jane, makers of the finest hand assembled Bourbon & Rye Whiskeys, to bring Brooklyn this special pairing. Widow Jane’s bourbon and rye whiskeys are locally assembled right in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Lefty’s Cigars will be providing quality hand rolled cigars.

Call Vesuvio Restaurant at (718) 745-0222 to reserve your spot.  Vesuvio is located at 7305 3rd Ave, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Bring good friends and meet new friends. For those who enjoy quality.

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