Activists Rally Against Gentrification in East New York

According to a News12 Report, some community activists rallied against home speculators who they say are invading areas of Cypress Hills and East New York, including Public Advocate Tish James and Councilman Rafael Espinal.

They say the speculators are buying homes and properties at low prices and pushing people out of their own communities.

Activists say the speculators are using deceptive techniques by promising sellers lots of money, undervaluing the homes, then bombarding the unknowing homeowners until they give in.

Longtime residents in Cypress Hills say they stuck it out through the tougher times, and they deserve to remain in the neighborhood as much as anyone else, as they are fighting gentrification, which many feel will increase rents and force long time residents from the neighborhood.

VIDEO: News12

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  2. J tejada Reply

    I was forced out of my home in east New York Brooklyn were I was born and raised my mom and my family have resided in east New York for 40+ years. Now the neighborhood is asking for an annual income of $80,000+ Just to rent an apartment

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