3K For All Applications Are Available Now for Harlem, South Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens

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3-K Admissions Overview

3-K for All brings free, full-day, high-quality education to three-year-old children in New York City. 3-K programs lay a strong foundation for children to grow, learn, and explore the world around them. Learn more about the benefits of 3-K for All.

3-K is currently available in the following districts:

  • District 4 (East Harlem)
  • District 5 (Harlem): Programs will be added in mid-April
  • District 7 (South Bronx)
  • District 16 (Bedford-Stuyvesant): Programs will be added in mid-April
  • District 23 (Brownsville, East New York, Ocean Hill)
  • District 27 (Broad Channel, Howard Beach, Ozone Park, Rockaways)

For details and applications go to the 3K for All Website or call 718-935-2009.


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