Viola Plummer: A Force in East New York

Original Source: Amsterdam News

Veteran political strategist, educator and organizer Viola Plummer is 80 years young! A birthday celebration was held at the historic landmark cultural institution Sistas’ Place, founded in 1995 by the December 12th Movement and which features live jazz with A-list musicians. Plummer, elated and energetic, was surrounded by friends, peers and family, who honored her decades-long contribution to the freedom journey of African people in the United States and the Pan-African liberation support on the continent.

As chairperson of the December 12th Movement, Plummer has been at the forefront of local, national and international action on the issues leading toward mass mobilization on racism, self-determination, reparations, quality health care, housing, criminal justice and education. The movement held massive dynamic street rallies marches, including the Day of Outrage, the Million Youth March in partnership with the late Dr. Khalid Muhammad and the first Millions for Reparations rally in Washington, D.C.

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2 thoughts on “Viola Plummer: A Force in East New York

  1. Valeria Sowell Reply

    Good morning and Happy 80th Birthday Ms. Viola Plummer. You are a good looking Octogenarian inside and outside, having accomplished what you set out to do on helping the community. What is your secret for your youthful look? Keep it going lady. Sincerely, From – A minute behind you, (smile) Valeria Sowell

  2. pegye johnson Reply

    Ms. Plummer, I did not have the chance to meet you personally, however, my mentor, Sybil A. Holmes, spoke very highly of you and told me before she passed, that if I ever needed assistance, I should come to you in her name.
    So, on that note, I am wishing you a very, very Happy Birthday and wishing you many, many more.

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