#IAMEASTNEWYORK Presents: City The King

Meet City The King, a performing/multimedia artist from East New York! His interest in music began in middle school, and he played the violin at different concerts and also at his church. He also began writing rhymes and experimenting with the music program Fruity Loops as an adolescent. He has worked with artists from all over the world, and also worked with children in New York City through his workshop Music With Meaning. He currently creates all of his music in Boulevard Houses here in ENY! City The King is a busy and creative artist that you should definitely get to know!

Accomplishments Thus Far:

– Released an EP titled “I Can See The Future”

-Created the Music With Meaning workshop for children in New York City, it encourages students to think critically about music and to use simple tools to build complex music.

-Released his first full length project “Brooklyn Renaissance” in the beginning of 2016.

-Has an upcoming mixtape titled “Kingsborough Kings” which is due to release in 2017.

-Hosts at Word Up Cafe every Friday for “Flow and Tell” open mic.

-Is a weekly guest on the Freshmind Remixes on Freshmind Radio.

-Worked with CDF Freedom schools for the past 5 summers.

-Creates all of the graphics on his website as well as a lot of the graphics for Freshmind Music.

As a native East New Yorker and a singer/rapper, if you had to describe the sound of East New York to someone in a poetic, creative way, what would it sound like? (please give a lengthy answer, at least 2 paragraphs).

City The King: East New York doesn’t have one sound, but I think what connects us all together is our memories. East New York is full of nostalgia. We can still see the remnants of the decades of change that our neighborhood has underwent. We love catchy samples and raw sounds that make the streets move. I’ll speak on behalf of my people when I say we are not looking for the cookie-cutter Emcee that the mainstream pushes out, but rather someone who in tune with rhythms and melodies that make us feel that feeling that connects us. It is almost unexplainable.

We are very proud of where we come from because most of the people we see everyday live in our community, or help to shape it in some way. That is why there is no one East New York sound. We appreciate each other’s vibes because there is something that we understand that goes beyond us. There is history beneath this concrete that we barely know about, but we feel it. The East New York sound is us. It’s rappers, singers, activists, business people, church people, doctors, web builders, city workers, all trying to make our community better for the next generation.

To check out City The King’s Music on SoundCloud, click here!


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